Doing The Right Thing

by RA8 njk in Inspiration April 7, 2019



Growing up from a broken family, discipline was not one of my good traits then. However, my late mother has great values which I believed has shaped who I am today. Her most apparent values are patience and love unconditionally.

I spent five years in boarding school, MRSM Kuantan. The five years were the best years of my life. Here was where I learnt about discipline. Being married provides me the avenue to apply discipline in my daily life as a wife and to lead as an example to my children.

However, leading a life as an entrepreneur, I was challenged on daily basis on integrity. Approximately 15 years ago at my late FIL birthday dinner, he said to his children: “You dont have to doubt of the rezeki that I have provided to all of you as it is all halal”.

My husband always said “Orang melayu ni babi je haram, yang lain semua halal”. Doing business to me then was about making profit. Asalkan tak menipu orang.

After experiencing up and down in business (when it was down, it was really down that I didnt see the way up ever again), I came to realise that things will fall into place when you start doing the right thing.

Be honest, be sincere, be punctual, solat, family first, to name a few.

I am blessed to have a very kind, loving and firm life partner who has taught me what is right is right even when no one is doing it while what is wrong is wrong even when everyone is doing it. Alhamdulillah.

I am far from perfect. We must strive to improve continuously. May Allah guide us all. Aamin


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