RA8? Tak Pernah Dengar Pun…

by RA8 njk in Inspiration April 19, 2019



In 2012, every time I exchanged business cards with new acquaintances, their normal response was “RA8? Tak pernah dengar pun …”. I didnt feel intimidated knowing that I was still new in the industry.

Today, after 7 years, every time I meet old friends, most of them would relate me with the name “RA8” instead of my own name. Am I a walking brand? Scary🙈

In January 2018, RA8 was promoted on Astro TV Go Shop. Alhamdulillah, the response was good so much so RA8 tops under HALAL beauty products.

Since then, I have been receiving calls from people I dont know wanting to get to know RA8 better. I enquired how they knew about RA8. Some said that RA8 is the most searched name in google. Ada percaya? Saya pun tak percaya…

Am I contented? I still do get the same remark whenever I met new acquaintances at a networking event although not as bad as 7 years ago.

It is ok because it is a journey. I just have to continue building the brand. May Allah SWT ease our journey. Until then, remember to look out for our interesting April Promo.


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